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“Applied Wednesday morning… got approved 3 hours later… Then Same Day Approval gave me no obligation to buy free financing to own quotes for a Cruze, Civic and a Jetta. I picked Civic. I was also able to reconsolidate my credit card debt from 19% to 8%. I’m really happy with Same Day Approval and how they connected me with a dealer that approves not so great credit…” ~ WENDY

Now You Can Get The Car You Really Want…

Same Day Approval Can Help You Buy That Car Regardless Of Your Credit Score

Worry NOT of credit because you can get approved even with:

  • Past credit problems
  • Recent bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Delayed payments
  • Cars and estates taken due to missed payments
  • Consumer proposal
  • Just moved to Canada
  • Perfect credit score
  • Imperfect credit score
  • Zero credit score

Requirements To Get Approved For A Car Loan Are As Follows:

  • Valid license
  • Can be insured
  • $1800 compensation every month

We Make Buying A Car Easy And Possible (Even With Imperfect Credit)

Same Day Approval makes sure that buying a car is easy and possible, especially for people with imperfect credit. We have proven ourselves time and again when it comes to providing imperfect credit car loans. Take our express application, which is just a minute or less, and you can get approved even if you have a not so shiny credit. If you really want that car, APPLY NOW wherever you are via your smartphone or computer, and we’ll get on it immediately so you can get the loan you need to make that purchase. Don’t worry because even with your not so perfect credit, you can not only get approved but you can also get approved without having a cosigner. Next-day approval guaranteed, and when you’re approved, you can proceed to buying that car at ZERO down payment. Choose from a wide variety of car options including sedans, SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, crossovers, and hatchbacks. Aside from help you buy the car, we’ll also assist you in getting the best deals so you don’t overpay your purchase.

After You’re Approved… Pick Any Brand Of Car.


We Are The Answer To Your Car Loan Problem

We solve it quick.

  • Application for car loan with us is quick
  • We approve all whether you have good, bad, no, or poor credit rating, or even applications with other credit problems
  • 24 hours or even less approval time
  • $0 cash down when approved
  • Car loan range from $5,000 up to $45,000
  • No obligation to buy, make the purchase at your convenience
  • Select your own car whether sedan, SUV, crossover, or minivan
  • No cosigner, no Social Insurance Number (SIN) needed

My husband and I had consumer proposal 2 years ago. With the third child on the way, we wanted to replace our old Honda Civic with the 3 old Kia Sedona. The approval took a bit longer because it was hard to find a lender. They found one and the interest rate was lower than we could ever hoped for. ~ Juanita

We approve more car loans for people in Surrey than any other site.

Our high number of approved car loans is proof that we have been helping more people buy a car than anywhere else. On the average, we approve about 2,000 car loan applications in a month in the Greater Toronto Area and other cities. So, if you want to get approved instantly although you have imperfect credit, APPLY with us at Same Day Approval. Come on, application is FREE and super easy!

We can make your dream of buying a car come true. Although you have imperfect credit, we’ll take the chance of approving you just so you can turn your dream car into a real car. We want to help you out and we can only do that if you APPLY with US! Just go to our website, send your application (which is completely FREE of charge), and get approved for a car loan in just 24 hours. We’ll be waiting for your application. Aside from this, we assure you that even with imperfect credit, your application can be accepted without the need for a cosigner. So, hit that SUBMIT button and let’s start looking for your new car!

 Turn the Dream Car into Your Own Car

You have been dreaming for that car for too long, it’s time to make it real and make it your own car. However, your worry is not getting enough financing to buy it because of your imperfect credit score. No need to worry now because at Same Day Approval, you can get approved even if your credit score is not flawless. First, you need to submit a car loan application so we can assess you quick and approve you in less than 24 hours. We’ll wait for your application so we can help you make that dream car into your own car that you can drive anywhere.

Express Car Loan Approval

When it comes to the fast car loan approval in the land, no one can beat us at Same Day Approval. We don’t waste time and once applications are received, we immediately handle them so we can approve them. The longest time you have to wait for approval is 24 hours but majority of the people we have helped got approved in just a few hours. So, if you can’t wait any longer to buy your dream car, there is no other place to go but Same Day Approval. As an added advantage, you get to buy the car at ZERO down payment when you get approved with us!

Young, Hip, and Unique

vancouver-event_1The city of Surrey is a young and hip community in British Columbia. A progressive and populous city, its current population is estimated at around 500,000. The city is composed mostly of suburban neighborhoods that offer a good mix of fast-paced urban lifestyle and laid-back residential vibe. As more and more people from around the world come to Surrey to settle, it has become one of the most culturally diverse cities in this side of the country. With dense population and young way of life that is always on-the-go, having your own transportation means in Surrey will serve you well. If you are still in the market for your personal car, you might want to check out what Same Day Approval has to offer. We are sure that we can help you land the most amazing car offers and car loan deals when buying your own car in this youthful city.

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