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 “Applied Wednesday morning… got approved 3 hours later… Then Same Day Approval gave me no obligation to buy free financing to own quotes for a Cruze, Civic and a Jetta. I picked Civic. I was also able to reconsolidate my credit card debt from 19% to 8%. I’m really happy with Same Day Approval and how they connected me with a dealer that approves not so great credit…”~ WENDY

Now You Can Get The Car You Really Want…

Secure a Fast and Easy Approval Even With Poor Credit

Any person in Barrie can be provided with an auto loan including those with:

  • Bankruptcy Issues
  • Behind on Debts
  • Impressive Credit
  • Recently Migrated to Barrie
  • Bad Credit
  • Repossessions
  • Just Got Divorced
  • Zero Credit History
  • Collections

Things that you need to get an auto loan approval regardless of credit score:

  • Updated License 
  • Can Acquire Car Insurance
  • $450 weekly income

Get Driving With You New Car In Barrie

car loansThere’s no point paying for a car that you half-heartedly like. You deserve to drive a car that will fill your heart with content and with Same Day Approval, we can give that to you. We have amazing auto financing offers from $5,000 and can go as high as $35,000. Access the application on our website through your phone or PC and get approved within the day! Our requirements are very easy to comply. Moreover, we also provide no credit and bad credit car loans at a reasonable interest rate. We believe that having a car is a necessity, that is why we have made car financing more accessible and much easier. We are available everyday, you can reach us anytime, anywhere. If you are earning a minimum of $1,800 per month, you can get approved right away. Starting off your credit with an approved auto financing assistance can be the best way to build your credit. If you want to compare your options, apply now for FREE. We even have an easy to use Loan Payment Calculator that will help you determine the total costs of your loan. Take the first step right here, right now!

After You’re Approved… Pick Any Brand Of Car.


Car Financing Like Never Before

Pamper yourself with a new car

  • Get Approved even with serious credit concerns
  • No Money Down Needed
  • Fastest Online Approval in Canada
  • +5,000 Different Make and Model
  • Allows financing for any car that you wish
  • Free to Apply; Free Cancellation

My husband and I had consumer proposal 2 years ago. With the third child on the way, we wanted to replace our old Honda Civic with the 3 old Kia Sedona. The approval took a bit longer because it was hard to find a lender. They found one and the interest rate was lower than we could ever hoped for. Jun 12 at 5:33am ~ Juanita

Improving Your Credit

As a consumer, taking care of your credit is a huge deal. You don’t want to rush into an expensive car loan or incur debts that you can’t really pay for. If you’ve had a couple of mistakes that led to a poor credit, there are still a lot of ways to get back what you lost. There are a lot of factors considered in determining your credit score. Among those factors, payment history takes the huge bulk (35% of credit) and total debt takes second place (30% of credit). Payment history focuses on how mindful you are in paying your bills on time. Using your credit card to buy small purchases and paying it in full promptly is enough to slowly build back your credit. Closing credit card accounts that are no longer in use is also an effective way to minimize debt intake, just make sure that you still keep your credit utilization ratio at the right amount. To add, an effective and fast way of building back your credit is to go for bigger debts such as buying a car through auto financing. As mentioned, the total debt that you owe take up as much as your payment history. By choosing an affordable car that can fit your budget, paying monthly amortization on time and eventually paying it in full, your credit will definitely improve.

For the best car loan offers that you will never find anywhere else in Barrie!

You don’t have to trouble yourself with endless paperworks, with Same Day Approval, you can finish your application process in under a minute. Our approval is mainly based on your income (minimum monthly pay: $1,800) so those with unsatisfactory credit can still apply. That’s how lenient our requirements are.

Moreover, we have a pre-approved auto loan term where you can pick a car much faster and easier. Once you have a pre-approved loan, all you need to do is choose a car from our showroom and that’s it! We have provided hundreds of auto loans in Barrie every month and every client that we’ve had were satisfied with our product. Apply today to gain instant access to the best deals available! We are open 24 hours daily so you can send us your application anytime of the day. Once you’ve submitted your online application, one of our representative will immediately review it and get you approved as fast as within 24 hours. Also, because all of our transactions are done online, you can easily track your loan whenever and wherever you are using your phone or computer. Hurry and avail of our best deals today.

Anyone in Barrie Can Apply

Our auto loan options can accommodate everyone with their transportation needs. With your regularly income of $1800 or more per month, we can assure you an approved car loan. We provide all types of car financing at a price you can certainly afford. Our services are free and you can seek for help to get a free quote on a car without any obligations. You don’t have to pay us until you drive home the car that you dream of. Apply now and get started in making your car ownership dreams into reality.

Easy Car Financing For ALL


No matter where you are in Canada, you are welcome to avail of our incredible car loan offers. We work with the best car dealers in the country to assure quality of service for all clients that we have. This is how simple and easy our car financing is. All you have to do is complete our 1-minute application and voila you can immediately pick a vehicle that you want to purchase. We offer over 5,000 different cars so you won’t have to go around town and look for a car that you want to be financed. We will help you from start to finish so you can drive home the car that you really like with no hassle!

Barrie the Urban Growth Centre

Located in the center of Southern Ontario and West of Lake Simcoe is Barrie, an industrialized city with a population estimated at 136,063. The city is named after Sir Robert Barrie, a British officer in the navy in Canada. Some of the major businesses in Barrie which contribute to its economy are Scotiabank Regional Center, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Royal Victoria Regional Health Center and IBM Canada Leadership Data Center. The culture and the arts are very much alive in the streets of Barrie: Mady Centre for The Performing Arts and the Georgian Theatre.

Although public transportation is provided by the government, nothing beats going around the Barrie on your very own ride. Travel to places beyond the reach of buses and trains. Check out Same Day Approval and find out about the different car loan offers.     

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